E3: What's New & Shiny In The Latest Edition of ENFOS Software

E3: What's New & Shiny In The Latest Edition of ENFOS Software

On February 15th, we will be releasing a brand-new revamp of our software suite. This major update is all about streamlining the way that our customers use ENFOS. We've listened to user feedback and have delivered a sleeker, more fluid UI system that keeps efficiency, functionality and accessibility at the forefront of the user experience. We've focused on minimizing the countless menus and sub-menus that come inherent with project management, replacing the older clunk with a new, intuitive navigation interface. Beyond the new coat of paint, we've developed several game-changing features such as tabbed navigation with split-screen functionality, report snapshots, annotated maps and more.

Multi-function side panel.  Along with the increased screen real estate of the E3 UI comes a closable, multi-function side panel. Part of an intuitive user experience is being able to quickly jump to the pages you want without having to retread a route of menus in order to get there. We've implemented a Bookmarking feature that allows you to return to a page of your choice with a single click. And, if you would rather navigate a couple of steps backwards without having to bookmark every potential referential checkpoint, we've added an easy-to-use Browsing History function. We've also integrated the Activities calendar into the side panel, so you can instantly refer to any project scheduling that may be relevant to your work. On top of all this, the Search function has been greatly improved over the past iteration, and is now easily accessible from every page.

Tabbed navigation.  When dealing with project management, having access to more information at a glance undoubtedly improves efficiency. Instead of having to open several instances of ENFOS in different browser tabs or windows - we've implemented tabs within the UI itself. This reduces time spent jumping between windows, and reduces the chance of user error. Tabbed navigation also allows us to showcase one of the most innovative features in E3:

Split-tab functionality.  When you have multiple tabs open, simply click the Split icon on a tab to seamlessly bring in a second workspace onto your screen. Working in side-by-side tabs opens up a wealth of functional possibility while surely making project management a speedier process.

Better maps.  What used to be an add-on now comes standard - and vastly improved. Instead of having to navigate a hierarchy of menus to access a specific site node, you can now simply click the location on your map - where you can see comprehensive site data at a glance. We've also added the ability to create per-site annotations, so your entire team can easily note any nearby contaminated areas, waterwells or other factors involved in risk management.

An enhanced reporting engine.  In E3, one of our major goals was to upgrade the way that reports are generated. The previous iteration of our reporting engine had a steep learning curve - with users requiring a comprehensive tutorial before they were able to fully take advantage of it. Our new reporting engine was built on user-friendliness from the ground up, and includes several new time-saving features such dynamic reports, snapshot functionality and scheduled auto-reports.

A Help hub you'll use.  If you find yourself unsure about how to use any of the ENFOS E3 features, we've created an extensive Help repository that concisely and effectively lays out how to use every aspect of our software. Complete with screenshots and step-by-step guides, E3 Help is a painless way to learn about features new and old.

Much more.  The theme running throughout E3 is one of "more productivity, less clicks". You'll find nearly every module of ENFOS has been improved - with everything from the new Project Manager Desktop to the Action Items screen having been designed to make project management a better, smoother process for your organization.

On February 15th, we welcome you to join us at the cutting edge of environmental remediation management software - an exciting place to be. For more information, contact us.


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