Enterprise Software: The Key To High-Performance Environmental Liability Management

Enterprise Software: The Key To High-Performance Environmental Liability Management

 A white paper written by ENFOS executive vice president and COO Roger Well—"The Case For The Environmental Liability Management System"—explores the value of enterprise technology solutions for companies that operate with some degree of environmental liability.

Well implores organizations to deploy a "razor sharp focus" as they execute their projects. According to Well, there are five reasons why operational excellence is particularly difficult to achieve for these companies:

  • Complex service environment
  • Work is frequently outsourced and thus more difficult to manage efficiently
  • Environmental projects are rife with unpredictability
  • A high volume of data
  • Stringent compliance requirements.

Without sufficient enterprise software systems, businesses could find their projects plagued by inefficiencies and disruptions as costs climb.

Well's viewpoint is supported by a Dell and Intel survey of business owners, a majority of whom rely on the latest technology to support mission-critical aspects of their workflow. More than three-quarters of SMB owners said that access to technology is central to future growth.

If businesses that are still in their formative stages understand the value of high-impact technology and its ability to generate operational excellence, established organizations that are required to manage environmental liabilities should also arrive at this conclusion.

With a rigorous enterprise technology solution in place, these organizations are able to better execute central business functions, more efficiently and at a lower cost.

"In the age of high-impact technology, enterprise software systems and big data analytics are the enablers of operational excellence for a complex service environment," Well wrote. "In addition to the complexity of environmental liability management, it has another distinction of being an extremely data-rich business function."

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