The Cart Before The Horse: Preparing For Remediation BI

The Cart Before The Horse: Preparing For Remediation BI

Finally, the forefront of tech is arriving at the door of remediation teams.

The remediation field is notorious for having to use outdated technology, yet today we're starting to see companies outfit their environmental liability management divisions with cutting-edge software solutions that can eradicate long-standing pain points and replace ancient spreadsheets.

With the advent of companies introducing Business Intelligence tools to their remediation, reclamation and ARO datasets, it's important to remember that all BI implementation strategies are not created equal. A more proactive approach to preparing for BI can ensure faster and higher quality results when you do make the move. Here are a few things to consider:

Are you working with a single version of the truth?

You are ready to move towards a BI solution, but first things first: preparation. The lion's share of the work lies in data preparation - but what happens when you run into the vortex of headaches that is version control? This is where cloud-based project management tools and enterprise systems shine, helping you ensure data consistency while making it easy to maintain proper data governance.

What kind of questions will you ask your data?

Enhancing your decision-making power is one of the most appealing aspects of implementing a BI solution. However, having clean data doesn't necessarily mean that all the juicy insights you are looking for will jump out at you at first glance. Be prepared to think outside of the box - this can mean refining or creating new performance metrics, applying new techniques of statistical analysis or simply digging deeper with your data questions. Remember that your data is only as good as the questions you're asking it.

Ready your crew.

Users (consumers) and analytical teams (producers) won't become self-sufficient overnight. Formal training sessions are necessary for users to learn and navigate standard BI features, but that alone doesn't equip your team for their day-to-day data needs. Consider additional training to cover how those standard BI features will be used for the contextual specifics of your organization.


It's an exciting time to be in remediation data management! As we begin to approach the release of the ENFOS BI module, we encourage you to prepare your data, your mindset and your team so that you can experience faster, more impactful results from your remediation business intelligence campaign.

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