Persistent Contaminants Aren’t The Only Persistent Problems in Remediation

Persistent Contaminants Aren’t The Only Persistent Problems in Remediation


In remediation, it’s common to come across stubborn contaminants on a frequent basis. Difficult to isolate and even more difficult to fully remediate, we accept these persistent contaminants as part of the job. However! Hidden underneath the surface and equally as persistent are the inefficiencies that can be riddled throughout remediation, reclamation, and ARO project management.

Take the infamous spreadsheet - last decade’s tool of choice for remediation professionals. They’ve managed to stick around in some organizations because hey, who doesn’t know how to use a spreadsheet? The truth is that managing a modern project portfolio that considers remedial strategy, work scope, desired end points, lifecycle forecasts, and risk reduction over a multi-year horizon is simply too much for a spreadsheet to handle. Ask yourself: “Why would I settle for running my remediation business on spreadsheets when the other business functions in our organization don’t?”

Spreadsheets are a core problem but they're not the only one. Let’s move up the food chain and point some fingers at the corporate ERP system. The SAPs and Oracles of the world are just too broad in nature and were not designed for complex services wrapped in a project management framework. The result is the proliferation of shadow systems and... you guessed it: spreadsheets. The implications are wasted effort, redundant data entry, ad-hoc and manual workflow, poor information quality, and loss of institutional knowledge. We have proven that the typical remediation program is wasting between 5 and 15 percent of their annual costs (internal and external) on these problems caused by using the wrong information technology to run their business.

Imagine replacing all of your spreadsheets and shadow systems with a purpose-built software application designed specifically for what you and your teams do. And imagine that application exchanging data with your ERP system automatically, with no human involvement. Picture having ALL of your portfolio and project data connected on a single streamlined platform founded on optimization, automation, knowledge-sharing, and business intelligence. Project managers, consultants, executives, finance and accounting experts - all able to work with a single definitive version of the truth. It’s clear that cloud-based SaaS apps are here to stay. How much longer can you afford to use yesterday’s tools?

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