Environmental Liability Execs: Don't Get Left Behind

Environmental Liability Execs: Don't Get Left Behind

The environmental liability field is unique. We tend to have highly-specific goals and challenges as an industry - probably because our goals and challenges can vary per project or site!

We're unique in other ways too; the remediation industry tends to be notoriously slow in adapting new information technologies.

Many remediation teams still rely on spreadsheets and ad-hoc software solutions to manage the sprawl of their projects, whereas a large majority of companies today are adopting cloud-based, collaborative platforms to streamline their management and work processes.

In the many years we've spent evaluating prospective clients in-depth and watching the environmental remediation field evolve, we've noticed that this pattern of outdated tech has been a consistent trend.

Unfortunately, because so little industry research has been done to assess the state of the remediation field, it's difficult to ascertain exactly why this is. Earlier this year, we conducted an industry-wide survey on the state of BI implementation to counter this gap in knowledge.

shutterstock_660890023Environmental remediation execs are beginning to replace spreadsheets with SaaS management tech. 

This sort of lagging behind could be attributed to the specialized nature of remediation; we deal with a unique combination of variables. Projects must factor in geology, variant chemical ranges, plant types, dynamic risks, strict regulations and so much more. Changing just one variable in this patchwork of elements can mean changing your entire approach! It's understandable that generic project management tools often just don't offer enough value to remediation execs to merit their implementation.

If you are a remediation executive or a project manager - stand up and fight! Your company deserves the process optimization and cost savings that modern cloud platforms can generate. Break off from the reliance on spreadsheets and move on from in-house solutions. Bring your team into the modern day with SaaS apps like ENFOS: software that is tailor-made to address the many demands and challenges of the remediation field. Find out just how much better your project management can get! If any of this resonates with you, contact us or check out our Solutions overview for more details. 

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