ENFOS Webinar -  Beyond P2P: Why Complex Projects Need More

ENFOS Webinar -  Beyond P2P: Why Complex Projects Need More

If you're involved with the management of complex services or projects, you're probably familiar with Purchase-To-Pay systems. 

The fact is: traditional, out-of-the-box Purchase-to-Pay systems simply aren't enough when it comes to projects as complex as remediation, decommissioning or environmental liability management.

What does this mean for your company? How can you be doing things better?

We invite you to enjoy this 1-hour webinar: Beyond P2P: Why Complex Projects Need More.

Roger Well, VP and COO of ENFOS describes a new business model designed specifically for the management of complex services at the enterprise level. Introducing: Project Management Enhanced Purchase-to-Pay.

This webinar focuses on the unique challenges brought about when managing complex services and how leading edge companies are leveraging Project Management Enhanced P2P to improve performance and risk management.

If you work in environmental liability management, this presentation is for you. 

Enjoy the presentation below: 


Download the slide deck here!


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