ENFOS Webinar: 5 Essential Information Management Trends in Remediation

ENFOS Webinar: 5 Essential Information Management Trends in Remediation

As an enterprise environmental liability management platform, ENFOS has seen data from tens of thousands of remediation projects across the last two decades. Over the past couple of years, we’ve noticed something: the remediation industry is changing the way it leverages information technology.

From unified “super-processes” to creative collaboration methods, new trends are emerging and are resulting in new standards of remediation management performance. So, what are these modern remediation teams doing differently?

We present to you a free 1-hour webinar titled The 5 Essential Information Management Trends in Remediation. Roger Well, COO and VP of ENFOS, illustrates 5 impactful ways that leading remediation teams are managing their portfolio and project data today.

If you work with managing environmental liabilities, it simply isn’t a presentation to miss. Learn from the cutting-edge strategies that are driving the forefront of the remediation industry.

The trends consist of:

  • Institutionalizing Knowledge Management
  • Convergence of Technologies
  • Data “Ownership vs Possession”
  • Hybridization of Business Process Management
  • Rapid Emergence of Machine Learning

Enjoy the presentation below:



Download the slide deck here.


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