3 Signs Your Environmental Liability Management Is Ready For BI

3 Signs Your Environmental Liability Management Is Ready For BI

You've heard about the business intelligence craze. You're sensing the momentum as the industry shifts towards being even more data-centric. So - how do you know when your company is ready to implement BI capabilities for environmental liability management?

Sign #1: The word "spreadsheets" causes a faint throbbing in your temples.

Most of us grew up on spreadsheets as they've been a backbone of data organization for decades. That's the thing about early tech iterations though: you've got to know when it's time to move on. The fact is that spreadsheets aren't well equipped to handle the many shifting, collaborative components of modern project management. The format is a lonely sort of thing and folders upon folders of separate spreadsheets can be a chore to navigate. The data entry itself is conducive to little errors that can grow to become big problems, especially when it comes to..

Sign #2: Multiple departments generating different numbers for the same report.

Dealing with version control and conflicting data can be a nightmare. Nobody likes to spend hours (or a day, or several days) consolidating data to ensure cohesion and consistency. BI solutions can allow users to successfully collaborate with a common set of data on a shared platform. Plus, you'll find that adding data from additional sources goes from being a potential headache to being a simple, easy process.

Sign #3: So much data, such little insight.

Your organization may have mastered data collection, but what's the use in having all that information if the good stuff is only accessible to the most experienced of data scientists? BI turns that concept on its head and enables all of your users to independently access the insight buried in the piles of data. No more relying on an overworked IT department. Welcome to a new era of actionable data and value.


Want to know more about BI for remediation management?

On September 14-15th, 2017, we hosted The ENFOS Experience 2017. This year's theme was "Business Intelligence: Driving Performance Through Data".

We hosted an all-star line of speakers from the Defense Logistics Agency, Georgia-Pacific, 7-Eleven, Ashland, Chemours, Total, Cumberland Farms and more. Guests left The Langham Chicago with ideas and cutting-edge approaches that are driving the forefront of the remediation business. 

Couldn't make it? Stay tuned for our next conference in 2019. Until then, check out our breakdown of why remediation management software makes the difference:

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