ENFOS and Nankai University Collaborate To Further The Development Of Remediation Technology

ENFOS and Nankai University Collaborate To Further The Development Of Remediation Technology

On November 18th, Craig Modesitt, CEO of ENFOS, and Fang Hong, of ENFOS China, visited Nankai University - one of China's most prestigious universities. There, they met with university president Gong Ke to discuss how both organizations could contribute to the fields of soil and water remediation. ENFOS and Nankai reached a mutual agreement that would see them both working together to refine and develop methods of environmental management and technical research.

During the visit, Professor Zhou Qixin, Dean of College of Environmental Science and Engineering in Nankai University and several instructors hosted a workshop for the visiting representatives of ENFOS. Zhou Qixin welcomed ENFOS on behalf of the college and introduced the ENFOS team to the scientific progress and the academic strengths of Nankai's College of Environmental Science. Craig Modesitt then presented how ENFOS has been dedicated to the development of software that can optimize remediation projects and ensure best practices in the field of environmental liability management.

ENFOS looks forwards to continued long-term collaboration with Nankai University in order to further China’s technical research and development in environmental remediation, information technologies in environmental protection and modern environmental management. Both organizations expect to combine expertise and output the best possible methods and technologies to help push China towards a cleaner future.

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  美国 ENFOS 公司访问南开大学洽谈合作

(通讯员 刘维涛 摄影 华涛)11月18日,美国ENFOS软件公司总裁兼首席执行官克雷格·莫德西特携ENFOS中国方洪一行6人访问南开大学。南开大学校长龚克会见了ENFOS公司代表,双方就南开大学与ENFOS公司在污染土水环境修复领域的深入合作达成共识。



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