Something Every Remediation Project Manager Should Know

Something Every Remediation Project Manager Should Know

Human beings (especially those as good-looking as remediation professionals) can adapt to anything.

We can get used to almost anything. Become habituated to almost anything. Essentially, this mechanism works to ensure our survival - but habituation also works against us.

In our 17 years of exploring and working within the remediation business, we've seen a lot of good project managers and remediation executives show up with middling portfolio performance - usually in the form of inaccurate forecasting, missed objectives, cost overrun and the list goes on. What these teams had in common was one main thing: they had become habituated to using spreadsheets for the complex, shifting, multi-faceted task of environmental remediation management.

Back when the remediation field was still taking root and evolving, spreadsheets and ad-hoc systems were the only options - and remediation teams got used to operating around these "acceptable inefficiencies" that plagued their portfolio. Management habits were built and expectations were developed around the limitations of the management technology. Today, those tech limitations have been shattered - and the expectations of your C-suite are evolving with the industry. 

The world's leading remediation teams are doing things differently. They've investigated the process optimization, feature set and cost savings that an enterprise remediation management platform can offer. They've examined their operational shortcomings honestly. Most importantly, they've started to think differently about remediation management. The advent of new toolsets means new capabilities. They have left the minefield of inefficiencies in the rear-view and are now witnessing what the cutting edge of technology can bring to the often-laggard remediation field.


A map of common inefficiencies. Does this sound familiar? 

Imagine eliminating all of the headaches seen in the table above with a purpose-built software application designed specifically for what you and your teams do. Imagine that application exchanging data with your ERP system automatically, with no human involvement. Picture having ALL of your portfolio and project data connected on a single streamlined platform founded on optimization, automation, knowledge-sharing, and business intelligence. Project managers, consultants, executives, finance and accounting experts - all working with a single definitive version of the truth.

It may be worth asking what your remediation department has become normalized to. It all comes down to a simple point: you, your team and your company don't deserve to be wasting time and money on decade-old issues.

Fortunately, human beings also innately have curiosity as a major driver to push past the constraints of our habits. With financial modeling company F1F9 having concluded that 88% of all spreadsheets contain errors - it's worth wondering what spreadsheets are costing your company.

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