ENFOS Webinar: Remediation Enterprise Productivity: Get More Done

ENFOS Webinar: Remediation Enterprise Productivity: Get More Done

No matter the industry or the economic cycle, all remediation executives want their teams to get more done and to accomplish more objectives. Remediation work is team-based - and it involves professionals from many disciplines and organizations all working toward the same end goal. The forces of modern enterprise information technology have shaped a new way for professionals to collaborate on the planning, execution, and monitoring of remediation portfolios and projects - a path leading to improved effectiveness and efficiency.

In this remediation enterprise productivity webinar, we provided insights on getting more done with your existing teams and professional staff.

Get organized: We all recognize the value of getting organized when it comes to individual productivity -  but the same tenet is even more applicable for remediation organization as a whole. This starts with having a cohesive structure around basic site and project tracking, document and electronic file sharing, notes, and remediation project content. Uniformity, reproducibility, and consistency are proven to increase efficiency while help to minimize low-value work in the daily routine. The only way to achieve this across the entire remediation function and supply chain is to provide a single platform for user collaboration and easy discovery by team members.

Stop relying on e-mail and spreadsheets: Email and spreadsheets have their place, but they can be a contributing source of frustration and wasted time. Email isn't the optimal way to ensure communal file sharing and it certainly isn't the ideal platform for workflow management. Your most critical remediation information such as reserve forecasts, cost estimates, proposals, project tracking, and reports shouldn’t be scattered about across hundreds if not thousands of spreadsheets. An enterprise solution designed specifically for complex remediation processes is much more effective, secure, and sustainable.

Pick the right tool for the job: The problem with general technology solutions is that they are designed to be used on a wide range of business types or cost center categories. Even though general solutions may meet many of the basic requirements, they fall short when it comes to user adaption and ultimately in delivering value. Plus, you end up needing a stack of different systems in an attempt to cover all of the business requirements. As a highly complex and niche business category, environmental remediation calls for an expert system crafted for the technical, financial, and compliance nuances that professionals and managers face every day. The expert remediation system will enable your teams to get more done.

Make the best use of your human capital: It’s no secret that a respected workforce is a happy one. When people are working in an environment where they can see their impact and feel important to the organization, they are productive. Giving your people the tools they need to be successful in their jobs is one of the most important things leadership can do to invest in their people. You have brilliant scientists and engineers working for you. Why not give them space to be brilliant in their respective fields instead of being data administrators?

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