3 Things You'll Take Home From The ENFOS Experience 2019

3 Things You'll Take Home From The ENFOS Experience 2019

The ENFOS Experience is an event that unites the forward-thinkers, the tech-curious and the performance-chasers in the environmental liability management space.

Although the conference is sure to be a good time - here are a few things that will continue to deliver value even after you've left:


1. Take-Home Knowledge.

Our 20+ speakers, breakout sessions, training, Q+A and keynote speech are precisely selected for you - the remediation project manager, the executive, the vendor, anyone with a hand in lab data or financial management. That means time spent attending EE2019 is time spent absorbing relevant, actionable insight that can genuinely improve performance within your organization. A serious level-up to your know-how. 

2. Networking That Matters.

Sure, it's 2019 - social media connects you to your peers. However, there's really no substitution for a good in-person chat. Networking is a big deal at most conferences, but given the niche quality of environmental liability management, this coming together of the industry is something special. Discover the pleasure of not needing to explain your job at length. Meet people who go through the same challenges and day-to-day as you do. Catch up with old friends and the ENFOS team!

3. A Reignited Fire

Being exposed to the collaborative cutting edge of the remediation field has its effects. We see it happen - people learn, connect, and return to work with their fire stoked and reinvigorated. There's an eagerness to deliver a shot of positive energy and forward-thinking to their workplace, cutting through the stagnation of doing things "the same old way". When the implementation of your newfound strategies ends up saving your organization time and money - your boss will thank you for it.


To be blunt: There's a reason why The ENFOS Experience has a high attendee return rate - because as good as it sounds in a blog, it's even better in person.

Check out more details about the conference and registration below.

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See you in Austin!


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