What's New & Shiny in ENFOS

What's New & Shiny in ENFOS

Juicy ENFOS feature updates are no longer relegated to admin e-mails! You'll be able to catch up on the most impactful new additions and fixes in this blog series.

So...what's new and shiny in ENFOS?

New GL Dashboard 

The new GL (SAP/Oracle/MAS/Infinium/etc.) Dashboard is now available under Administration > Transfers > SAP Dashboard. This dashboard will provide a single page view of your financial interfaces with your general ledger and provide an easy way to check that all interfaces are live and working, as well as a quick way to check for transfer errors. A full guide will be provided to the ENFOS Admins.

This feature applies to: ENFOS Admins

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New Setting for Next Approvers

By default, your system’s next approvers workflow will remain 'Sequential' - this is how ENFOS has historically worked and this option will not impact your system.

Our new functionality here is an option for 'Concurrent' next approvers. This option will add all required next approvers upon the first pre-approval instead of one at a time. These next approvers can then approve in any order, and the final approver will be the last user within the group to approve.

With Concurrent Approval turned on, all users with a limit group are required to approve if added as a contact to the financial plan/proposal/purchase order/invoice - the user with the highest limit cannot bypass the lower limit pre-approvers with a full approval. This functionality is available for all financial modules.

This feature applies to: ENFOS Employee Users

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P.S. We recommend consulting with ENFOS staff before enabling this new"Concurrent Approval" option.

If you have any additional questions about this information, please contact your local ENFOS Admins.

That's all for now! I hope you enjoy these new features.


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