ENFOS To Present at Annual Railroad Environmental Conference (RREC)

ENFOS To Present at Annual Railroad Environmental Conference (RREC)

As one prospective customer told me recently, “project controls are a real hot button lately.”  It seems that the same is true for us here at ENFOS.  In fact, project controls have been at the center of the majority of conversations we’ve had with customers this year.  So, why is this the case?  Well, the answer is actually quite simple: uncertainty. The remediation industry is wrought with it. Unfortunately, there are some things that just cannot be controlled.  We try to help our customers get better at managing these projects by focusing intensely on the things that can be controlled. Through our Webinar series, we expound upon the solutions that we've discovered when it comes to project control.

It’s easy to single out the black swan events and the slip-ups - but often, the more finely-tuned, successful remediation projects will stay whirring under the radar. We wanted to further our understanding about what a truly successful project looks like, so we analyzed roughly 5,830 environmental remediation projects over the course of a four-year period.  The projects we analyzed ranged from chemical plants, refineries, gas stations, Superfunds, manufactured gas plants, pipelines and more. We wanted to know: What are some of the best management practices that set a project up for the most successful outcome?  Back in February, we collaborated with John Rosengard, CEO and Founder of Environmental Risk Communications, Inc (ERCI) to talk more specifically about three of the critical financial controls we see in companies that have the strongest project management.  You can find the recorded version of that presentation here.

In August, we did a follow-up webinar entitled: Why Traditional Project Mangement Approaches Fail for Remediation Projects.  Our message was: A management model that incorporates project management into an overall enterprise remediation management model is best suited to mitigate the gaps of stand-alone project management approaches.  Additionally, the enterprise model will ensure compliance to internal and external requirements and enable the organization to deliver uniform and consistent processes.  Handled in a structured and organized manner, the remediation department can deliver value to the overall organization while effectively communicating progress and risk mitigation.  This was our most well-attended event ever.

In fact, Roger Well, COO of ENFOS, has been invited to present the topic at the annual Railroad Environmental Conference (RREC) in Champaign, IL October 27-28.  Over 500 professionals representing the railroad industry, environmental consulting engineers, environmental control equipment suppliers and regulators from both the United States and Canada attend RREC.  This is the “must-attend” event for anyone involved in the railroad environmental industry.  Presentation topics will include: Compliance; Energy, Emissions & Air Quality; Environmental Analysis; Environmental Impact; Environmental Management Systems; Environmental Response & Emergency Planning; Environmental Training; Noise & Vibration; Passenger Rail & Transit Environmental Topics; Pollution Prevention; Remediation; Risk & Liability Management; Stormwater & Wastewater; and Sustainability. We look forward to sharing our knowledge and collaborating together to build a more innovative, more certain future for the rail industry.


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